What To Do If Your Brakes Fail in The Mountains


The runaway truck ramps were designed to prevent a heavy truck zooming out of control and taking out all of the cars and other drivers along the way. There are about 170 runaway truck ramps in the US, mostly in western states like Colorado.

According to Car and Driver, nobody seems to know when or where the first runaway truck ramps first appeared. But most people point to the 1960s. In Colorado, the truck ramps are made up of gravel, sand piles or gravity escape, where a truck can essentially go uphill. There’s a few that are barriers, too, especially on eastbound I-70 on the way to Golden.

Know that the runaway truck ramps are an option of last resort. If you’re driving your car or truck into it, that means you’ve exhausted all of your other options. It’s going to do damage to your vehicle.

It’s not going to be a fun, careful way to stop. At a minimum, you’ll need a tow truck to get you out. But know that your car might be totaled or need a lot of work to run again. And the police may give you a ticket, too. If you don’t hit the ramp smoothly, there’s a possibility that your car can roll or be severely damaged, along with you in it.

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