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Keeping our customer’s cars in peak operating condition is one of our primary missions at BA Care.  For current and long time customers, it’s a matter of keeping detailed records, understanding the maintenance history of their vehicle and keeping abreast of all the manufacturer and model information.  We take pride in our ability to provide our customers with an , personalized preventive maintenance program.


Proper Preventive Maintenance Keeps Your Car In Top Running Condition
For new customers, the path to preventive maintenance is a little more challenging.  We need to collect enough data on their vehicle to establish a baseline so we can accurately determine which systems in their car need , and on what schedule.  That’s where our “New Customer and Care Questions Form” comes in.  By collecting all the important information about a new customer’s vehicle when they come into BA Auto Care for the first time, we can set them on an individualized preventive maintenance schedule that will keep their car running properly for years.  Equally as important is the fact that armed with this information our certified technicians will be preforming only the services that are needed, saving our customers money.

Getting Your Vehicle’s Driving History
Sometimes filling out this form can meet resistance from new customers.  After all, who wants to fill out another form.  My daughter Sandi and I like to tell customers its like going to a new doctor or specialist and being required to fill out your medical history.  No one looks forward to doing this but understands that getting the right diagnosis and treatment can depend on giving your medical specialist the right background information on your condition.  It works the same way with your car.  We can’t provide your car with the best service unless we can get baseline information on all its systems, such as  Oil filter, Coolant, Transmission, Transaxle, Front differential, Rear differential, Transfer Case Power steering, Fuel filter, Air filter, Cabin filter, Spark plugs, Timing belt, Battery, and Brake fluid).

A Comprehensive Checkup and Complete Computer Scan
That’s why we always recommend a comprehensive checkup of each new vehicle we see, giving all these systems a complete computer scan. This is  important so that we can recommend only the services your vehicle needs rather than blindly follow the manufacturers check list which might not reflect the condition of your vehicle and the way you use it. When a baseline check is incorporated into the recommended services it is economic way to get the information you need. This leads to a safe and reliable vehicle.

And in case you’re concerned about filling out a lengthy questionnaire, we keep it simple, asking the fewest number of questions to get the most information.

Today’s vehicle marketplace is a complex smorgasbord of manufacturers, models, engine types, transmissions, brake systems and so forth.  Here at BA Auto Care, one of our most important jobs is to keep on top of all the new information that auto manufacturers generate each day and then use that knowledge to give our customers the top tier service they’ve come to expect from us.

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