The Future Of Autonomous Vehicles on Arizona Highways


The Of on . Most people by now have seen them on our streets. Self-driving (Autonomous) are becoming more and more common on our Arizona highways. These self-driving cars have gotten a lot of press lately, not all of it positive; in fact, there has been a lot of bad press lately after several accidents involving Autonomous . But, is the bad press surrounding these warranted?

The Future Of Autonomous Vehicles on Arizona Highways

The Future Of Autonomous Vehicles on Arizona Highways

Arizona, along with California and Nevada, is a frontrunner when it comes to driverless vehicles. It’s true there have been several incidents involving self-driving cars, like the one on Tempe where a woman was struck while crossing the street; but compared to the number of incidents involving cars with human drivers, this is a very small number indeed. Because of this incident, Governor Doug Ducey banned Uber from testing their self-driving vehicles in Arizona.

Although any accidents involving the loss of life is a tragedy, the accidents involving autonomous vehicles is few and far between. This promising technology needs to be further explored because of the many advantages this technology can provide. In the future, these autonomous vehicles will do a lot more than just shuttle passengers around and deliver groceries. In fact, it is estimated that by the year 2020, there will be over 10 million self-driving cars in the United States alone.

The Future Of Autonomous Vehicles on Arizona Highways

But due to the amount of negative press these autonomous vehicles have been getting recently, it could make early adoption of this technology more difficult. A recent study by the American Automobile Association showed that 63 percent of Americans are scared of autonomous vehicles. In addition, a second report by the Brookings Institution shows that 70 percent of the public have some concerns about sharing the road with driver-less cars.

But, is all of this fear warranted? Probably not, since you can count the number of accidents involving self-driving cars on one hand. Since this is a new technology though, there are those who are very skeptical. We should balance these very rare self-driving car accidents against the many more accidents involving cars driven by people. The comparison is not even close. In 2016 human error was responsible for 94 percent of all car accidents due to speeding, drunk driving and distracted driving, which are all human errors.

The Future Of Autonomous Vehicles on Arizona Highways

Since these autonomous vehicles eliminate the risk of human error, they will one day become the safer option but will require years of testing and improvements before the general public accepts this technology. One option being looked at are dedicated lanes for these self-driving vehicles, much like our current HOV lanes. This would eliminate much of the worry out of the public perception of these vehicles.

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The Future Of Autonomous Vehicles on Arizona Highways
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