Safely Storing a Damaged Car While Preparing for Repairs


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Safely Storing a Damaged Car

Safely Storing a Damaged Car

Each year in the United States, there are an estimated 6 million car accidents. Additionally, the average American spends $817 per year on vehicle repairs. Whether you’ve been in an auto accident or sustained harm to your car in some other way, proper storage of your damaged vehicle is essential for safety. Since it isn’t always easy to get your car into the repair shop immediately, it is important to know how to keep everyone in your household safe while awaiting repairs. Sharp pieces of metal, leaking vehicle fluids, and other hazards can quickly create a situation in which serious injury can occur.

If possible, do not store your vehicle outside

Although not possible for everyone, be sure to avoid storing your damaged vehicle outside. If you have a garage, it is best to park your car inside until it can be picked up for repairs. This gives you greater control as to who is around your vehicle. While they are not supposed to step on to your property, neighborhood children can sometimes play on driveways that are not their own. This can possibly lead to injury if you have a damaged vehicle parked in your driveway.

Safely Storing a Damaged Car

Keep all garage pathways clear

In order to keep your garage accessible, it is crucial to park your vehicle in a way that it does not block pathways. Whether you typically walk around your garage, or exit your home through your garage, make sure that your damaged car, truck, or SUV is as out of the way as possible. While storing your vehicle in your garage, consider blocking off the damaged car to define a clear path. This is especially helpful if you have children, or if you are expecting visitors in the near future.

Ensure no sharp pieces are exposed

One of the most significant hazards on a vehicle needing repairs are sharp, exposed pieces of metal. Inspect your car so that you know of all possible pieces that could cause injury. In addition to blocking off your vehicle while it is in the garage, consider putting a tarp over it, and putting up a sign warning of the damage. If there are many sharp pieces exposed, you may want to eliminate all access to the garage until the car is under repair.

Check for leaks

Safely Storing a Damaged Car

Oftentimes, the damage from an accident can cause a leak in one or more areas. Sometimes these leaks can drain all the fluid at the scene of the accident, while others can happen slowly. To avoid a slipping hazard, and to avoid breathing in any harmful chemicals, check for leaks right away. Depending on the type and location of the leak, you may need to take actions such as opening your garage door slightly to ventilate the fumes, or blocking off areas with spills.

As you wait to have your damaged vehicle repaired, it is crucial to take the steps listed above to keep everyone in your home safe. If you have a safety question related to storing your vehicle, be sure to ask an auto repair professional.

About the author: 
Working as a writer now, Jacqueline Stott is a former mechanic who worked for her father’s business for many years before he retired. She’s always had a love of cars, and in her spare time, she and her husband restore classic and vintage vehicles. She’s hoping her two children also gain the same interest, too.

Safely Storing a Damaged Car

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Safely Storing a Damaged Car


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Safely Storing a Damaged Car

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