Jeep Gladiator pickup’s bed: Video reveals some work-truck tricks


At last year’s L.A. Auto Show, Jeep head Timothy Kuniskis classified Gladiator buyers by saying, “These aren’t people who are going to fill the with mulch and boulders. It’s not a work truck. It’s absolutely a lifestyle choice.” It is inevitable, however, that those surfing, mountain biking, motocrossing owners will one day want to haul something boring, unwieldy and messy. So the chaps at Quadratec grabbed a tape measure and headed to the Philadelphia Auto Show to gauge the real-world practicality of the ’s rump.

Turns out Jeep engineers put more thought into hauling mundane retail goods than Kuniskis let on. The first question Quadratec’s Rob Jarrell wants to answer is how the Gladiator would handle the standard 4-foot by 8-foot sheet of plywood. The tailgate opening is wide enough for the sheet to slide in flat, but the wheelwells eat into the necessary room. To address that, designed slots into the Mopar bedliner that hold a 2×6 plank, restoring a flat load floor for sheet loads. We can only guess if the actual bed sheetmetal includes the same slots.

Speaking of tailgates, Ram isn’t the only FCA brand with a multiposition rear door. We don’t want to spoil the findings — and the measurements — in the above, so have a watch. And yes, it’s true that a few frills do not a work truck make. Still, it’s nice to know Gladiator owners won’t need to fear Home Depot.

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