Japanese-market 2020 Toyota Supra will offer two four-cylinder options


Today would’ve been declared National Supra Day, but as the government’s shut down, we’ll just have to carry on in an unofficial capacity reporting every shred of detail available about the Toyota Supra on the day it was fully revealed in Detroit.

In this case, we know more about the eventual turbocharged four-cylinder engine that will make its way under that long hood. Specs have been revealed on the Toyota Gazoo Racing site for the Japanese-market , and specifically its three available engines. Beyond the inline-six announced in Detroit, the home market will be available with a pair of 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinders, also sourced from BMW. One will produce 258 horsepower and seems likely to be the one that eventually shows up in the United States as the base engine. In Japan, however, the floor will be lower with a 197-horsepower version. An eight-speed automatic is listed as standard for all of them.

For those scoring at home, 197 hp would be less than the 205-hp Toyota 86. On the other hand, its 236 pound-feet of torque at 1,450-4,200 rpm is considerably more than the 86‘s weak-kneed 156 lb-ft at 6,400-6,600 rpm. In other words, let’s not get too carried away with incredulous declarations that the 86 is more powerful. Especially since there’s zero chance of that version of the 2.0-liter making its way across the Pacific.

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