Icon Bronco auction goes toward a design scholarship


Anybody who wants to buy one of 4×4’s famous restomods will quickly run into the giant wall of joy-crushing disappointment that is the current wait time of approximately two long years. There is a way around it, however: Bid to win this 1966 Old School BR Build No. 66 on Bring a Trailer. It’ll cost a few hundred thousand dollars, but 10 percent of the earnings will go toward a .

This car is the first of its kind to come out of Icon. After applying modern aesthetics on several FJ and Bronco builds, Jonathan Ward and his team wanted to recapture more of the retro vibes of the original vehicles. He started with the FJ, and now this is the first production Bronco Old School Edition. Part of the new direction was cutting out any matte paint, which wasn’t available at the time these cars came out, so this Bronco wears a fantastic shiny orange and cream color combo (the image here is a digital rendering).

Don’t worry, just the looks are retro, not the parts. This Bronco still has all the modern tech and gear of other Icon builds. For power, it pairs a 426-horsepower Ford 5.0-liter V8 with a five-speed manual transmission. It rides on an Art Morrison chassis and is equipped with Eibach coilovers and Fox Racing shocks. It also has an Atlas II transfer case, ARB locking differentials, and front and rear sway bars. Visually, the Bronco has more than three dozen design changes to give it a properly funky retro appeal.

As of this typing, the BR has four days left on its auction listing, and it is already sitting at $205,000. The amount is particularly important in this , because 10 percent of the total will go toward the Autotype Emerging Scholarship Program. Autotype is a company that describes itself as a “platform for designers to sell their work, a community supporting innovation, and a scholarship fund for future creatives.”

Ward said he noticed many of the top design schools were only attainable for families or people with money, so he wanted to find a way to help those who might not be able to afford the right education. For more information on the build and some shop photos of the Bronco under the knife, head to Bring a Trailer for the auction listing.

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