How To Create An Effective Auto Mechanic Resume: Writing Tips and Tools


As with
all kinds of job-seeking applications, it’s important to make sure
you’re and attaching a in order for the company to
know about you and easily make a decision as to whether you’re
right for the job. Applying for the role of an is no

writing an auto mechanic resume, there are several traits and skills
you’ll need to highlight, as well as talking about certain elements
that dramatically boost your chances of getting selected for the next
stage of the interview process.

you’re in the position where you’re looking to apply for an auto
mechanic role in your area, you’ve come to the right place. Today,
we’re going to explore all the elements of a successful resume you
need to know in order to make the right first impression.

#1 –
Identify Yourself

by putting yourself in the shoes of your recruiter. You may have
dozens of applications to go through, and any resumes that aren’t
easy to understand, identify, or process are going to become a second
choice to the more resumes instantly. This is why you start
by including your personal information.

means putting your name, address, phone number, email address and any
other relevant contact information at the top. This makes it easy to
identify your resume, especially when they’re trying to find the
information to give you a callback.

#2 –
The First Impression Summary

next section of your auto mechanic resume is your professional
summary. This is so important because this will be the first
impression the shop manager has and will make or break as to whether
they’re interested in your application.

90% of
resume will start with something like;

I am
an experienced mechanic with over 6 years of experience with
such-and-such qualifications. I have been responsible for my past
jobs for leading the shop floor, carrying out lead services and tasks
such as servicing, maintenance and customer service roles. I
specialise in engine work.

no denying this sounds clunky and generic. Instead, make your summary
sharp, punchy, and stand out from the crowd, like this;

auto mechanic with over six years’ experience. As a lead mechanic,
I exceeded in my roles providing lead maintenance and services tasks,
as well as an outstanding level of customer service. Have maintained
consistently positive customer relations and can provide dedicated
engine services.

#3 –
a Highlight Section

Under your professional summary, you’ll want to bullet point the key aspects of what makes you great for the role you’re applying for. This means reading through the job description and picking out the skills and traits the company is looking for.

want to cover everything including what you specialise in, noting
customer service, your general attitude towards work and things like
a clean driving license and mathematical skills.

#4 –
Talk About Your Work History

far more important to talk about your work history than your
education, so make sure you’re putting it first. You don’t have
to write your work history in chronological order, but rather put the
most important role first, as this is what they’ll see first.

each entry, include the dates you worked there, where you worked,
your role there, and then follow with 4-6 key points, achievements
and roles you were responsible for.

#5 –
Mention Your Education

a waste of time going through all your education, so only mention
what’s important and necessary. This means talking about your
highest level of education, followed by any college or university
courses you went through, as well as any other extra training or
qualifications you have relating to an auto mechanic job.

#6 –
Use Online Writing

As an
auto mechanic, you might not consider yourself a professional writer,
but this shouldn’t put you at a disadvantage when it comes to
producing a high-quality resume. Thanks to the wonders of the
internet, there are plenty of online tools to help you exceed
expectations with your application.

are some tools to get you started;

Via Writing / Academ advisor – These are two websites full of resume writing , online guides and advice on how to produce a high-quality document.

Paper Fellows – Paper Fellows has a ton of online editing tools to help structure the content of your resume.

My Writing Way – Use this online tool to help check your grammar to ensure it’s perfect while maximising readability.

Academized / Big Assignments – These are two online formatting tools to help you structure the layout of your auto mechanic resume into a readable document.

Study demic – Use this powerful online tool to generate keywords to include in your resume, as well as catchy headlines and action words.

#7 –
Look for Keywords

“Since many companies now receive a ton of applications, many are choosing to use Applicant Tracking Systems. These are programs that scan resumes and look for keywords that should be included. If your resume doesn’t, it will be dismissed automatically and will never be seen by human eyes” shares Darren Taylor, a tech recruiter for State of Writing and Australian Help.

Read through the job description and look for key auto mechanic-specific words that you’ll want to include in your resume throughout everything you’ve written.

#8 –
Think About Design

we’ve spoken a lot about the actual content of your resume, one of
the most important elements of a successful application is the
design. This ensures your resume is effortless to read and presents
you in the best possible fashion.

all, you want your resume to be the Porche among hatchbacks.

If you’re unsure about the design part, take a look at our 6 Free Resume Templates for Auto Mechanics you can download and use, simply copying and pasting in your information. If you need more help designing you resume, you can also send us a message and we’ll design one just for your!

If you simply want to keep things simple, make sure you’re using clean font, such as Calibri, with readable font size, perhaps around the 12-14pt mark. Don’t forget to save your resume as a PDF file!


As you can see, there are a lot of things to think about when it comes to writing your auto mechanic resume, but as long as you’re organised and work through it methodically, you’ll have a high-quality application in no time at all. Take your time to get it right, and you’ll instantly boost your chances of securing any job you apply for.

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