Honda shows off E Prototype in detail


Honda has just come out with new images of the E Prototype, which will be displayed at the Geneva Motor Show. It looks extremely production ready, and it’s likely to be one of the few concept cars that effectively show the final product as it stands. For a very close look on the e , watch this video by the “Fully Charged Show” with Jonny Smith.

I’ll admit to being played by : As the carmaker originally showed the Urban EV concept at Geneva and spy photos started popping up later, showing a more down-to-earth car with thicker pillars and more doors, I thought the inevitable had happened and Honda had ended up watering down the fascinating concept. But as is explained in this video, it’s actually the other way around: The prototype seen here has always been the real thing, and it’s been in development far longer. The Urban EV was in actuality a caricature of this, with some more show-y details added.

Honda’s engineers explain that the Urban EV’s stellar reception meant the production-bound car was also jazzed up a bit more, but it hasn’t really been a case of the final car not reaching the level of the concept.

Honda’s Ken Sahara told Smith that the prototype is “95 percent” production ready, and it : The detailing of the prototype is apparent down to the smallest nooks and crannies. Look at the buttons, door handles and the charging door; the wood-like paneling in the dashboard must actually feel quite nice to the touch. While the electric Honda is a tiny car meant for cities, and the sub-125-mile range isn’t great, it’s obvious the final production car still has a lot of positive aspects.

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