Brembo puts artistic spin on its brake calipers


Like McDonald’s, Ferrari, Cincinatti’s baseball team, and Coca-Cola, is heavily associated with red. It’s more than just a color on a caliper, it’s a measure of brand recognition. Inspired to think outside the box, however, Brembo decided to display its brakes in an assortment of designs.

At the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Brembo’s stand looked more like an art gallery than an auto parts shop. The surprise display was meant to serve as a reminder that Brembo is not only known for offering high performance but offers leading design, as well.

To be clear, Brembo does offer other colors on its production . A rainbow, in fact, of blue, green, black, chrome, yellow, and more. But in Geneva, it showed designs that go far beyond a single color code.

Some of the designs included camouflage, argyle, animal print, or a plant print. Others took more artistic forms, including a tattoo sketch, a fluorescent drawing inspired by the ’90s, geometric shapes inspired by the ’70s, and a Keith Haring print inspired by street culture.

Brembo makes it clear these will not make it into production, and are just examples of the different themes the calipers can take on. That doesn’t mean customizers couldn’t make them, though.

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