2019 Nissan Altima gets snow tracks from Nissan Canada


For its redesign, the 2019 Nissan Altima got the option of all-wheel drive on its naturally aspirated variant. The addition was surely welcome to customers and dealers in northern states, but even more so in Canada where all Altimas there get the feature as standard equipment. So it’s not surprising that Nissan of decided to highlight it by putting on an all-wheel-drive .

A shop in Quebec called Motorsports in Action built the car. The car was lifted three inches between subframe and suspension modifications. The shop put the car on Dominator tracks from American Track Truck and created custom fender flares that add 14 inches of width to the body. It has a clever nickname, too: Altimate AWD. This isn’t the first tracked , though. The company also created a Murano, Rogue and Pathfinder with tracks a few years ago.

Our hearts still lie with the most absurd of Nissan’s tracked vehicles, the 370Zki. Being rear-drive, Nissan only put tracks on the back, and then put skis on the front. To add to the ridiculousness, they used a convertible 370Z, because what you want in the is no roof. But we’re still glad to see the wild Altima, and wonder what the company might do next. Oh! How about a tracked GT-R?

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