Zero Motorcycles boosts range, power on 2019 lineup


Electric motorcycle maker Zero Motorcycles has announced its , with more powerful base models, extended , new battery technology features and new colors.

Starting with the top-of-the-line DSR dual-sport bike (70-horsepower, 116 pound-feet of torque), Zero adds a dual-sport windscreen, tank grips, hand guards and a 12-volt accessory socket. The aftermarket 6-kilowatt charge tank returns for 2019 and can charge the bike to 78 miles of range in an hour at standard Level 2 charging stations, six times faster than when using conventional 110-volt outlets. But now they’re compatible with models from as far back as 2015. Range on the DSR is 163 miles in the city and 98 on the highway, with a top speed of 102 mph.

Zero’s two base models, the 7.2-kWh S and DS, boost by 35 percent to 46 horsepower and offer 8-percent higher top speeds. Opt for the longer-range 14.4-kWh pack found in the DSR to extend range in the DS by 10 percent to 204 miles in the city and 97 miles on the highway, or to the S for 223 miles and 112 miles, respectively.

The charge tank is compatible with the S, DS, DSR and SR and can add up to 85 miles of city driving range in an hour. The company has also introduced what it’s calling long-term storage mode, in which the bike puts itself into low-power mode to optimize the battery’s state of charge and improve long-term battery health, perfect if you have to store the bike for the upcoming winter. Zero’s five-year, unlimited-mile battery warranty remains.

New colors are called Dune and Rhino Gray for the FX off-roader and FXS dual-sport, Jet Black and Black Metallic for the S and SR, and Sandstone and Caldera Metallic for the DS and DSR. All models are now on sale at Zero dealers.

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