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February 14, 2018Brian Millar

On January 16, Ontario’s Minister of Transportation visited the Discovery Centre to announce a new Incentive Program. Under this new program, workplaces throughout Ontario qualify for 80% of the cost to purchase and install electric charging stations to a maximum of $7,500.

All charging stations under the program, must:

  • Use 208-240 Volts and at least 30 Amps
  • Must support the collection of usage data, including the number of sessions, the date, time and duration of each session, the electricity consumption and sessions fee (if applicable)
  • Must be certified for use in Canada, (CSA, cUL)

Plug’n and the Ministry of Transportation hosted a series of webinars that better explain the application guide and what employers should be aware of when putting together their application.

To get your copy of the webinar materials, contact us at [email protected].

To learn more about electric vehicle incentives in Canada, visit Incentives.

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