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Often on here, discussion about unemployment in a where are the cultural norm results in discussions about police officers, highway patrol, truckers, delivery men, taxi drivers etc. but I’m turning the spotlight [excuse the bad pun] on the industry.

I’ve seen discussions and blogs that suggest we may not even need physical road signage but that has pros and cons and it’s uncertain if we’ll still need new road signs.

In the future [around late 2020s-early 2030s], could our have no streetlighting at all because cars will have lighting that renders it redundant [as suggested by a blog, cannot remember the source].

This could affect manufacturers like Philips, the Dutch streetlighting firm, whose flagship product, the WRTL Luma LED streetlight – used only in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom – not used yet in any major U.S. city is gaining intense popularity with local authorities in cities in those countries.

Same for Thorn Lighting, with their new Thorn CiviTEQ which is being used across the United Kingdom, mainly in Lancashire [in particular West Lancashire and South Ribble] and Essex.

I am a roadgeek so that explains how I know this sort of thing.

Do you think in the future [around 2030s-2040s] that we may not even need streetlighting when SDCs / ridesharing is the norm, and that streetlighting will be restricted solely to places where human-driven cars are common?

I would be interested to know.

Disclaimer: Although I am not affiliated with the firms and I do not work in streetlighting, I know of people who do work in the industry relating to roads and streetlighting.

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