Why don’t we use a industrial wide standard of vehicle to vehicle communication with autonomous cars to allow them to ‘see’ and base there actions around one another ? : SelfDrivingCars


Evening fellow Reddit users,

Over the past few days I’ve been thinking heavily about self driving and what technology are currently floating around in regards to achieving the goal of fully vehicles for general consumers such as you or I.

As it stands almost all car manufactures and technology companies who are pursuing this idea of an autonomous are looking at each as its own stand alone who uses internal systems to find and locate things in its environment. For example Tesla uses cameras and radar primarily to map its surroundings. This method does work and has seen in recent years many success. But I don’t believe this is the most efficient way of doing it.

I would like to discuss the idea of having a universal component in all ‘smart’ cars (vehicles trying to become fully autonomous) which allows them to communicate with each other. By giving each car this type of connection with one another, surly it would allow the cars to know how fast and where each other are located and where they are wanting to go as so on. So using the correct algorithms you could make travel times shorter and decrease accidents involving vehicles.

As it stand vehicles can predict where other cars are and the speeds they are doing. But they don’t know where other vehicles are going (so which lanes they need to switch to and so forth).

So surly such a thing has already been ‘invented’ and or implemented. But as it stands there are no regulatory standards which mean car manufactures need to co operate with one another. I think that such a technology could improve and most important save lives on our roads. And its up to us as citizens to seek regulatory changes to be made. Such as with seat belts this sort of technolgy needs to become a .

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