What’s bright orange with a blue wave and has four external LED screens? It is the new self-driving minivan being tested in Frisco, Texas by Drive.ai.


“There’s a very different-looking kind of self-driving car on the streets of today. Instead of the spotless white look of the autonomous cars owned by Waymo or Cruise Automation, these vehicles are highlighter , to the point of searing, with a wavy stripe and the words “self-driving vehicle” in bold font. Even more bizarre are the four — one on the hood, two above each of the front tires, and one on the rear — that display messages to pedestrians and anyone else in close proximity to the car.”

Some might argue that the design of these cars is somewhat unconventional.  Drive.ai purposely designed these cars to be visually distinct.  Andrew J. Hawkins explains:

“They’ve certainly succeeded there. The vehicles, modified Nissan NV200s, are certainly the loudest, brightest, and unabashedly dorkiest self-driving cars on the road today.”

 I am curious what role the four LED screens play. As it turns out, the screens flash messages.

Mr. Hawkins further states:

“It’s intended to replace the gestures or verbal communication often used by human drivers to communicate their intentions. “

 Don’t be surprised if you see some rather funny or odd looking cars hitting the roads in Texas.


You can find the full article here: https://www.theverge.com/2018/7/30/17622540/drive-ai-self-driving-car-ride-share-texas

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