What To Do If Your Brakes Fail or Go Out while Driving


Instinctively you may start panicking when your go out.

  Don’t panic.  Having a clear head and remembering the rest of the tips in this guide are key to slowing down your vehicle safely.  It’s very important that you try these tips first before doing something more drastic such as pulling off the road at top speed.

If you can, put on your emergency 4-way flashers to let other vehicles know that something is going on.  If you’re following general safe protocols you should have a decent amount of space between you and the driver in front of you.  This space is going to be invaluable in this situation, giving you the time you need to slow down your car in other ways.

Don’t turn off your car to slow it down!  While this may seem like a logical step, you actually lose power steering and may need to put an automatic transmission in park to do this.  Either situation is incredibly dangerous while moving, and we highly recommend slowing your car to a complete stop in a safe location before turning it off.

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