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And if they want to pay on the order of $1.50 a mile, (that’s the out of pocket cost and time cost of owning and operating a car) that’s fine as well.

I haven’t read the book yet so this is the first time I’ve heard this $1.50 number. For my situation that would be about $0.90/mile for my time. I’m hoping the book breaks this down when I get to that part but anyone have thoughts on this? My guess is:

  • Cost of my garage in my house which is ~$150k in cost for me in wasted square footage

  • Time cost for looking for parking

  • Time cost for walking from parking to my actual destination and then back to parking

  • Time cost for washing, cleaning and maintaining the car

This doesn’t seem to add up to $0.90/mile for me. What I can NOT see being part of this is:

  • Time cost sitting in traffic longer today than in a world with AVs. AVs could easily make this worse depending on how it’s implemented.

  • Time cost for the actual ride. My time personally costs more than $0.90/minute. Even more so for a task I don’t like. If I made $10/hour stocking shelves, you would have to pay me probably $15/hour to sit in traffic. I don’t know, maybe there are people that would take $9/hour since there is no actual work, just boredom and stress.

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