What financially focused question(s) would you ask individuals working on SDCs? : SelfDrivingCars


I would be most curious to see the model for 10 years out. I am really curious to see how cheap per mile they project their cost with a robot taxi service.

I suspect they should be able to get this below 60 cents a mile when at scale.

But I am also curious the opportunity for shipping versus robot taxi service.

It is curious that some of the car company are investing into SDC but it does not appear the shipping side of things is doing the same.

With Waymo I am most curious about Alphabet and the $100B+ they have and the plan with that capital in terms of both robot taxi service and maybe more importantly shipping. They have mostly in short term instruments which seems curious. Like they plan to do something with the money in the near term.


Personally love to see Waymo not license the technology but instead leverage to build out a new delivery stack built on automation. I think there is huge savings to be had by automating moving things from one location to another. It is also a way to get to lower the planet carbon footprint as building out the timing is close to being able to do with a lot less ICE then is used today. Same with robot taxi service.

You need a catalyst for the capital investment that would be needed to replace the existing ICE infrastructure that is used today for both transportation and shipping. But it also needs to be lead by a company well capitalized like Alphabet.

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