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” I don’t believe they are able to do it yet at any commercial scale.”

Why? Google/Waymo has delivered what they indicated they would and when. They have showntheir cars without safety drivers for several years.

Waymo has been incredibly conservative. To me you look at the track record of the company. Even Google doing level 4 and NOT doing level 5 is a perfect example. Level 5 is an exaggeration of what is possible.

Nobody better at AI/ML then Google yet they are realistic that Level 5 is not possible.

Need to look at the entire package.

” They can’t even take the drivers out of the car yet to demonstrate to the Bloomberg reporter in CA or AZ. “

Google has shown this for several years now. What in the world are you talking about?

Here is just one example from 2 years ago.


But here is a video of Google driving SF about 10 years ago.


I am one of the most questioning there is with tech. But Google has pushed for steering wheels and pedals to be removed from cars for several years. To me that is all about yours actually works.

“Taxis are causing a lot of people here to be distracted from the fact that they are not able to drive on highways, bad weather days, or non-geofenced areas yet.”

Self driving cars can drive on highways obviously. Waymo has tested cars in the snow in Michigan and have shown their new AI at I/O this year that can see in snow.

But it is very, very true they want to limit the variables and exactly what I would hope they would do.

Google/Waymo gets nothing else is possible today and there is all the profits to be made with the constraints.

There is NO need for Level 5.

“Heck, they can’t even use a normal parking spot at Wal Mart yet– they have to have special reserved pull-through spots “

That has nothing to with technology. It is for the consumer.

Waymo will roll out a commercial geo fenced robot taxi service in the Phoenix area this year. They will then go from one cit to another doing the exact same thing. Probably hit 70% of the US population within 10 years.

Google has NEVER been a company that exagerates. It is very much the opposite. Listen to a ER call and then listen to Cook or Musk for example.

It is painful how conservative Ruth and Sundar are on the call. Everything is early days and plays down everyting yet put up 26% growth and now over 20% for the last 10 quarters.

Google also shares basically ZERO information. I find it a bit funny. They have done this since day 1.

Yet since day 1 Google has NEVER had even a single decline YoY for a quarter. Not a single time and that was through the great recession.

So no bragging. NO information. Just incredible results every single quarter. If you ever have run a company you would know growing every quarter without exception is super hard to do.

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