Watch Red Bull and Max Verstappen race across the Rocky Mountains and downtown Miami


We got the first installation of Red Bull Racing’s Formula 1 road trip across the United States a couple months ago. That awesome video starred Daniel Ricciardo, but now it’s Max Verstappen’s turn at the wheel. Starting in the Rockies, took an F1 car through the and rocks on both tarmac and dirt roads.

It’s wild seeing an F1 car along dirt roads with massive drop offs right next to the road. didn’t stop there, though. The F1 team took the film crew to and had race up and down an empty beach. This car sure seems to handle the Florida sand a lot better than gravel traps. (Though we do feel a bit bad for the rear jack man that gets pelted with a car’s worth of sand. Turns out hanging out behind an F1 car on a beach is a bad idea).

Ricciardo appears to have caught up with his soon-to-be old teammate in Miami too. He jokingly says that Vegas was the reason for his tardiness, but with the Renault engine’s reliability this year … let’s just say that other jokes work here as well. Red Bull uses the non-turbo (thank you from our ears) RB7 model for the road trip video, though, so we can’t be too harsh with the reliability jokes.

These videos are silly, but also, they’re pretty awesome. Could anyone imagine Ferrari making something cool like this? Through America no less? We think not. Kudos to Red Bull, then.

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