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How long will you keep your current car?

On average, Americans keep their cars a total of 7.4 years. That means people sell their about two years after they are fully paid off. But some stay in their original ’ driveways much longer.

Phong Ly, CEO of automotive research firm, says, “Many factors could contribute to a car’s longevity such as its function as shown by the dominance of family vehicles, or because of a fondness of a timeless classic like the Chevrolet Corvette.”

To come up with these stats, analyzed more than 6 million used vehicles sold by their original owners. Click on the image above to get started.

Last updated July, 2018

  • Image Credit: Toyota Sequoia

Toyota Sequoia: 8.9 years

The Toyota Sequoia is one of three seven-passenger SUVs on this list of vehicles that owners keep the . We’re not surprised. Large families tend to buy these durable people movers, and they tend to rack up lots of miles and take a beating.

Research the 2018 Toyota Sequoia

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