Upcoming BMW X7 crossover spied inside and out


Last fall, we finally saw a preview of the three-row BMW SUV. The Concept X7 iPerformance was, like so many other recent concepts, a pretty good indicator of what the final version will look like. The production model is set to debut this year at the Los Angeles Auto Show, but until then we’ll have to make do with spy shots, including some new images of the X7’s interior.

The X7 appears to retain the massive bucktooth-style grille from the concept. It’s certainly distinctive, though we’ll have to wait for the production version to decide if we like how it fits with the overall styling. The profile draws a lot of influence from the recently renewed X3 . In fact, much of the design looks like a scaled up X3. The tail lights look like they’re straight off the concept, though much is still hidden underneath the camouflage.

Inside, the X7 look a lot like the 8 Series that we saw last week. We can see a lot more of the center stack, which looks quite different than what BMW has been doing for the past decade or so. The ignition, along with other controls, has moved down to the center console as in an Audi (the silver button even looks similar). The vents, too, take a different shape than before. Given that there’s an image of a 7 Series in its all-digital instrument cluster, we would expect that it’ll share that component as well as the rest of its in-car tech with BMW’s flagship.

Expect a mix of inline-six and V8 engines. A plug-in hybrid version is a sure bet, too. We’ll have to wait until the full debut this fall for more info.

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