Ultra rapid charging hubs confirmed for North East


Two new EV stations are set to be installed in the , after Fastned agreed a deal with the North Combined Authority and Newcastle University to create Go Low Filling Stations in Newcastle and Sunderland.

Each charging hub will house six rapid chargers, two of which at the Newcastle University site capable of ultra-rapid charging at 175kW. These ultra-rapids are 350kW enabled too, to future-proof them further.

With the latest EVs coming through this year able to charge at 100kW or more, the new Fastned units will be able to add around 125 miles of range in less than 10 minutes. Existing EVs – often able to charge at up to 50kW – will be able to charge at the stations too.

The charging will be covered by a canopy fitted with solar panels to support power use at the site. Newcastle University’s Helox site will be home to one hub, while the other will be situated close to Sunderland city centre.

The project has been co-funded by European and UK based development funds, and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles. Fastned will design and build the charging stations, before operating and maintaining them too.

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