Uber doesn’t plan to sell its self-driving car division : SelfDrivingCars


It is NOT that needs “SDC hype” but needs SDC. That would make the numbers work.

The problem is that it is super hard to make work and Uber has not been able to make it work.

“But most contemporary SDC companies are likely worth $0”

Do think that it will be winner take all so any companies not named Waymo probably are not going to worth anything and it will cost a ton of money.

Waymo is likely to be like Amazon as the winner take all. Pets.com and Webvan both failed as they were not the winner as we can see Amazon turned out to be and now worth about a trillion dollars.

But that is how it works. There were people that bet on pets.com and did not work out but then others that bet on Amazon.com, like myself, and they won and turned out incrredible for investors.

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