Turo’s calculator shows just how much money your car is worth


Turo, the peer-to-peer car sharing website, has been adding more and more services to help both owners and customers over the past few years. A few months back, the company started allowing owners to rent out equipment like bike racks and tents in addition to their vehicles. Today, Turo released a new tool — dubbed the Carculator — to help owners and potential users figure out how much their cars are on the service. The company also revealed data collected over the past year on the most popular and profitable vehicles on the site.

The new tool is easy to use. Simply plug in your vehicle’s year, make and model as well as your general location and Turo will tell you what your potential monthly earnings might be. The figure is based on the average daily price and the average days booked per month. It also factors in a 75 percent take rate from the Turo Standard protection package (Turo’s basic coverage policy). The numbers are estimates, but it should give you a rough idea of how much you could make.

The tool does have its limits. If you’re not located in one of roughly 25 major markets, you can only get the average for the U.S. or Canada as a whole. It also doesn’t calculate vehicles older than 2006 model year. Still, it’s pretty neat to play around with and see if Turo might be worth using.

It’s also neat to see just what vehicles earn the most money on Turo. The company broke things down into five categories: daily drivers, sport, luxury, trucks and SUVs, and vans. Based on the supplied data, the Porsche Boxster brings in more than any other vehicle, with owners earning $1,365 per month on average. Other notable earners include the Jeep Wrangler ($851 per month), Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class ($744 per month) and the Ford Fiesta ($497 per month). That’s a good price when factoring in the average monthly payments on one of those vehicles.

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