This Test Shows Why Tesla Autopilot Crashes Keep Happening : SelfDrivingCars


Exactly as advertised: needs human supervision at all times and will not detect stationary objects other than cars in front that have slowed to a stop.

No surprises, unless you are Jalopnik at which point the complacency of human drivers who get into accidents is Tesla’s fault. Jalopnik insists that there is a “pattern” of this kind of thing , without attempting to correct for the larger numbers of Teslas on the road.

Driving a car in any kind of conditions is more dangerous than flying a plane. A driver’s decisions or inaction can lead to near immediate fatality, while an aircraft has to reach the ground which is still plenty of time to recover from a mistake. Yet we allow people to drive cars with as little as a day of instruction and training. Unsurprisingly, countries with more driver training and a wider culture of safety suffer lower fatality rates on their roads.

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