This roller coaster has broken 10 world records


The tallest and fastest hybrid in the is at Sandusky, Ohio’s Cedar Point. Check out what world this coaster breaks.

Transcript: Steel Vengeance is a record breaking roller coaster at Cedar Point. Cedar Point is an amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio. This steel-on-wood hybrid roller coaster has a total of 10 world records. Reaching a speed of 74 mph, it’s the world’s fastest hybrid roller coaster. It also allows its riders to experience almost 30 seconds of airtime. Not only is it the world’s longest hybrid roller coaster, but it also has a total of 4 stomach dropping inversions. As the world’s tallest hybrid coaster it has the longest drop at 200 feet and lasts a thrilling 2 ½ minutes. Thrill seekers over 52″ tall can take a ride on Steel Vengeance.

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