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Ultimately, Google aims to beat Amazon at it’s own game by announcing a same day delivery service powered by autonomous vehicles. I will bet cold hard cash that this is the real meat and potatoes of Waymo’s – and ’s – ambition.

First, retail stores have little way to fight Amazon when they can’t offer shipping as cheaply and as quickly as Amazon can. Now if all I had to do were to Google a product, and in one or two clicks have it delivered to my house same day, I wouldn’t care who I bought it from. We don’t love Amazon, we only love what it can do for us. By partnering with Waymo/Google, any retail establishment instantly has the popularity of the #1 website, and the convenience of the lowest cost same day shipping service in the world.

Retail establishments know they have two options: a) get swallowed by Amazon b) partner with a company that can fight toe to toe with Amazon.

This is ultimately why I believe it was a good idea to push Klay out of Zoox. IMHO only Apple should focus on building their own AD car, because only Apple can get away with it. Every other tech company should be taking Waymo’s approach by not only aiming for ride hailing, but also last mile, and delivery services.

This is a win for Google because they get more data about our purchasing habits, and they get people using Google for shopping. Its a win for retail stores because they make sales that would otherwise go to Amazon. Its a win for Waymo because they get to establish brand recognition in a noncompetitive environment: basically no other AD company has Google shopping. It’s even a win for because they make the profit from the vehicle sales (and perhaps many more sales from a strong partnership), and don’t have to worry about building an app or developing AD software to compete in any near time frame.

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