The Left Lane Is Not For Slow Drivers


Should Stay Out Of The – Rules of the Road. We have all experienced the driver who wants to drive in the left slower than the flow of traffic. Not only is it a nuisance and dangerous, but it also against the law. To make matters worse, the person who is driving slow in the left is usually oblivious to the fact they should not be in the left , to begin with. This not only creates frustration for other drivers but is dangerous as well.

Slow Drivers Should Stay Out Of The Left Lane

Slow Drivers Should Stay Out Of The Left Lane

Arizona, as well as many other States, have laws against driving slow in the left lane. The left lane is intended to be used for passing other vehicles traveling at lower speeds. Once you have passed vehicles driving at slower speeds, you are required to merge back into the right lane. This keeps the flow of traffic moving at a steady pace, making the roads safe and efficient. When slower drivers use the left lane they are creating a hazard to other drivers. For this reason, many States including Arizona are starting to crack down on slow drivers for driving too slowly in the left lane on the interstate.

When the flow of traffic is disrupted abruptly by a slower moving vehicle it creates a hazard for everyone on the road. Road rage is on the increase, and many rage incidents are caused by slowpoke drivers. Drivers will attempt to switch lanes to get around the slower vehicle which can create dangerous driving conditions. Other drivers may tailgate the slower vehicle or attempt to pass on the right, creating a hazard for other drivers as well.

Slow Drivers Should Stay Out Of The Left Lane

When driving you should always be aware of the rules of the road and be courteous to other drivers. If you do not want to drive with the flow of traffic, keep to the right on all roadways; it’s not just a good idea, it’s the law. Also, never hang out in the passing lane. The passing lane should only be used for passing slower vehicles. Once you have safely passed the slower traffic, you should then safely return to the right lanes. This leaves the passing lane open for other drivers who also want to pass slower moving traffic. 

The passing lane is not intended for speeding; you should always follow the speed limit and all traffic laws while driving. 

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Slow Drivers Should Stay Out Of The Left Lane

Slow Drivers Should Stay Out Of The Left Lane


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