The Koch Brothers Are Using The Promise Of Driverless Cars To Kill Public Transit Projects : SelfDrivingCars


I have argued that SDCs has a very good chance to reduce the demand by driving up ride share.

Sure, but HOW? good-feelings and lofty intentions? arguments mean SHIT without supporting facts. I was doing you a favor by ignoring the kindergartner shit you smeared proudly.

FYI, UBER/LYFT have a negative impact on traffic congestion. Less Drunk Drivers, but more operators loitering in traffic, more taking up space on the road. More idling vehicles also means more pollution.

Do i need to even argue against your statement that improved market share will mean big things? no, i’ll just point out that there’s nothing in the market currently pushing more cars to join up (other than expansion of ride-share service), but it’s foolish to assume that it will work well everywhere.

14′ to 10′ lanes on a major highway (or interstate)? i’d say your accident rate is about to spike. good luck with that. also, it was likely done to add a lane in each direction, which will only make congestion worse. Cheers! 14′ to 10′ lanes is a last ditch, desperate act by your roadway planners. They are reducing safety to increase capacity. Not something to take pride in.

SDC’s can’t handle bad conditions and won’t for the next decade. Even then, they will need to handle splitting motorcycles and non-SD cars. PURE SD roads that aren’t private toll roads in places where they are allowed won’t be for a VERY, VERY LONG TIME. seriously doubt it would happen in our lifetimes, but you never know. The eliminate of most private vehicle usage in urban areas is a much closer reality. Self-driving mass definitely will happen, but owning a self-driving car may be beyond the utility of most people for a while.

The truth is, the suburbs and rural communities (without supporting factories and jobs) are a mistake and totally unsustainable, for any but the most elite class that are willing to dedicate a fortune to keep the dream alive.

SDC’s might brake faster than humans, but nothing else in the system stops faster. At 55 mph or more, 98% of the stopping distance is limited by the tires. 2% of that distance is human reaction. SDCs will solve rear-end crashes by strictly maintaining sufficient headway. Cars will not be packed end-to-end at highway speed. Physics doesn’t permit it to be done safely with current tire/road technology.

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