The Boring Company will connect Chicago and O’Hare with a loop system


Elon Musk’s has been selected to build a high-speed rail connection to O’Hare International Airport in . CNBC is reporting that the company beat several competing offers, including an engineering firm that previously built a terminal at London’s Heathrow.

Proposals were invited last year to design, build and operate an express rail connection to O’Hare, with the idea to cut travel time from downtown Chicago to 20 minutes; The Verge says that Musk’s solution could see passengers complete the journey in just 12 minutes. Both The Boring Company and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office said that it’s too early to estimate a timeline or to outline the project’s complete cost, but the Chicago Tribune is reporting the project would cost less than $1 billion to complete. A final deal is also yet to be signed.

Earlier, Musk had described a “high-speed ” connection between Chicago and O’Hare. According to Musk, the would differ from a Hyperloop by not having a vacuum inside the tube, as short routes would not require canceling out air friction.

The loop vehicles would carry 16 passengers each, departing as frequently as every 30 seconds. The Verge is also reporting that fares would undercut current taxi cab and ride-hailing pricing.

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