Thatcham Research announces new testing regime to assess functionality of driver assistance systems; misleading names and potentially dangerous functionality to be marked down : SelfDrivingCars


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“We’ll be testing and evaluating these systems, to give consumers guidance on the limits of their performance. […]”

Other key elements of the tests include:

  • Studying the manufacturers’ promotional literature and driving manuals to find out how clearly the systems’ capabilities and drivers’ responsibilities are explained;

  • How drivers cope with enabling, activating, operating and deactivating the systems;

  • Assessment of what happens when the driver is required to take back control, whether routinely or in an emergency (such as collision threats involving stationary and slow-moving vehicles in the road ahead, cars cutting across paths and accidents involving pedestrians)

  • Will the Assisted technology always comply with the law, for example adjusting to local speed limits?


Results of the tests are expected in August 2018.

For those unaware, Thatcham Research is a member of EuroNCAP.

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