Tesla Model 3 sales surge


The Tesla Model 3 got off to a bit of a rocky start — at least in terms of production — despite throngs of customers lining up to reserve the electric sedan on day one. Tesla has made a lot of progress though, and is confident it’ll reach profitability within the next two quarters, thanks in no small part to Model 3 . July figures reflect this positive trend, according to tracking site GoodCarBadCar. In fact, the is now one of the top sellers in the U.S.

For July 2018, the Tesla Model 3 is ranked seventh among passenger car sales, with 14,250 sold for the month. Taking into account all segments, including trucks, SUVs and minivans, the Model 3 ranked 20th in America for July. As Inside EVs reports, though, that doesn’t include GM, which reports its sales quarterly.

According to Bloomberg‘s “Tesla Model 3 Tracker,” The company has built 58,645 units to date, at a current rate of about 4,280 a week. says it expects to hit 6,000 per week by the end of August.

In case you were wondering what sort of customers the Model 3 is attracting, the answer is interesting. The top five trade-ins for the Model 3 are the BMW 3 Series, Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Nissan Leaf and Toyota Prius.

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