Tesla drops ‘Full Self-Driving’ feature for Model 3, S and X


Up until yesterday, listed “Full Self-Driving Capability” as an option for all of its cars on its website. Now, it’s been taken down for an indefinite amount of time. Before being removed, it represented a $,000-$5,000 package you could add with the promise of Tesla activating it sometime in the future when the technology was ready.

Elon Musk responded to the dropping of the option by tweeting that it’s “Also available off menu for a week. Was causing too much confusion.” It doesn’t take long to realize why such an option would cause confusion for many car buyers. The package promised something that Tesla had no way to actually deliver anytime soon. Nobody has a self-driving capable vehicle ready for the public yet, and it will most likely be a considerable amount of time before we see one.

Now that Tesla has removed it as an option, there’s no telling how long people could be waiting for the option to return, if it ever does. Buyers have paid thousands of dollars for the package since it was added in 2016, so what are they to do now? Well, sit and wait, sounds like. Some owners actually sued awhile back, alleging they were deceived into buying a that didn’t exist.

Tesla continues to imply that the feature is in the works, but new Tesla buyers won’t be able to spec the option for the foreseeable future. Because it’s still supposed to become available at some point down the road, there’s no talk of possible refunds now. The deletion of the option from the website will most likely cause some worry for those who paid thousands for the ghost feature, though.

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