Self Driving Cars will probably only work if all cars on the road are replaced with them. : SelfDrivingCars


There’s numerous companies developing these things but there’s too many factors to account for like communication of SDC to a live person on the like hand signals or waving “to let you go first” changing lanes or entering on-ramp freeway. There’s so many kind of situations on the that I’m not sure how an SDC will react.

The only thing I can think of is if 100% of the on the road (excluding emergency vehicles, etc) are with SDCs then it might be possible since these SDCs will probably communicate better with each other than with a live driver. But I doubt the majority of people will accept not being able to freely drive on their own.

Having said that, these events might sound ridiculous but how will an SDC react in situations like storms/force of nature for example what if a Tornado is heading towards you or what about if suddenly an active shooter starts rampaging, will an SDC flee the danger for the safety of it’s passengers or what?

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