Scribit is a wall-crawling personal robot artist


is a vertical that operates using your phone. It can draw any content that is sourced from the web. can also connect to your favorite news, weather, and social media feed to draw it on the wall with live updates. Learn more at

Transcript: Your very own artist. Scribit is a mobile robot that operates vertically on your wall. Designed for businesses, presentations and home decor, Scribit is able to draw on whiteboards, glass and plaster. Scribit is held vertically by two nails and two Dyneema wires. With the help of the Scribit app, it can draw any content that is sourced from the web. Images on the wall can be erased and redrawn to match your style. It can communicate with other apps to provide news, weather, and a social media feed. Scribit can utilize 4 colors at a time with more color selections coming in December 2018. It is priced at $449. Share this with someone who needs a mural in their house.

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