Safe Driving Quiz – Will You Pass Or Fail This Test?


– Will You Or This ? How does your driving Rate? Do you practice safe driving habits or are you an aggressive or dangerous driver? See how you score on this safe driving . Score your driving habits against other drivers by answering the following questions with either Yes, Sometimes, or No

Safe Driving Quiz

Safe Driving Quiz

 Do You Wear a Seatbelt?  Seat belts can reduce the risk of serious injury or death by up to 50% by preventing the passengers from being ejected from the automobile during a crash. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an estimated 13,941 lives were saved by seatbelts in 2015. Remembering to buckle up, is the best way to protect yourself in an automobile accident. 

 Do You Drink and Drive?  One of the most dangerous things you can do is to drink alcohol and then drive. Although this should be a no-brainer many people still drive while under the influence in this country. This is not only dangerous for the driver, but for others on the road as well. This is probably the most foolish thing someone can do. You are risking more than a DUI, much more. You could be risking an aggravated assault or worse, a vehicular homicide that will land you in prison for a very long time. 

Safe Driving Quiz

 Do You Text and Drive?  Texting and driving can be as dangerous as drinking and driving because your attention is being taken off the road. In 2014 26% of all car crashes involved cell phone use. An average of 9 people a day are killed due to distracted driving, and most of those involve the use of a cell phone. Texting and driving are one of the worst distractions because your visual, manual, and cognitive functions are focused on your phone and not the road.

 Are You an Aggressive Driver?  Aggressive driving is the operation of a motor vehicle in an unsafe and hostile manner without regard for others. Also, aggressive driving can sometimes be brought on by the actions of other drivers, such as someone cutting you off. Instead of escalating the situation by attempting to retaliate, the better option would be to avoid any further interaction with them at all. Slow down or switch lanes to avoid having to deal with them any further.

Safe Driving Quiz

 Do You Frequently Exceed Posted Speed Limits?  In 2016 speeding accounted for 10,111 deaths. That’s more than 27% of all traffic fatalities that year. We all get in a hurry at times but allow a few extra minutes drive time so you will not need to speed to get where you are going. Slow down, nothing is so important that it’s worth risking your life or someone else’s over. 

 Do You Tailgate Other Drivers?  Most people are aware of the 3-second rule while driving behind another car. You should pick a focal point parallel to the car in front of you such as a road sign or building. Then count how many seconds it takes you to reach that point. If it takes you less than 3-seconds, you are following too close to the car in front of you. If you are following too close, there will not be enough time for you to stop in the event the car in front of you has to suddenly stop.

 Do You Run Red Lights?  Do you speed through yellow lights or run red lights when you are in a hurry? Everyone has probably done this before. You are approaching an intersection and then the light starts to change from green to yellow; you decide to run the light rather than stop. Not only could this cost you in the form of a traffic ticket, but it’s also very dangerous. 

Safe Driving Quiz

 Are You a Distracted Driver?  Do you apply makeup, eat, or do other things while driving? In 2015 alone 3,477 people were killed in automobile accidents due to distracted driving. Distracted driving includes anything that takes your attention from the task of driving. This can include applying makeup, texting or talking on the phone, eating and drinking, Talking with kids in the backseat, Adjusting your stereo or navigation system. 

 Do You Make Sudden Lane Changes?  Do you make sudden lane changes without using your turn signal? A recent study showed that 25% of drivers fail to use their turn signal when turning or changing lanes. Turn signals are a way of communicating to other drivers that you will be turning or switching lanes. Not alerting other drivers before turning or switching lanes is very dangerous. This practice leads to many vehicle collisions because the other driver is unaware of your actions.

 Do You Race Other Drivers?  Do you race other drivers on streets, roads, or highways? This is not only very dangerous, but illegal as well. Your reckless actions could endanger yourself and other drivers on the road. Leave the car racing to professional race car drivers and practice safe driving habits while driving on or Arizona roads. 

Safe Driving Quiz

So, what is your score? To find out, score each yes answer with 5 points, each sometimes answers with 3 points, and each no answer with 1 point. Add your points and see how you did. 

  • 15 points or less – You are a defensive driver.
  • 16 points to 25 points – You are an everyday driver.
  • 26 points or more – You are an aggressive driver.

We hope this test helped you to evaluate your driving habits and that you will re-evaluate those habits the next time you get behind the wheel. Following these simple steps can help make our roadways safer and save lives. 

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Safe Driving Quiz

Safe Driving Quiz


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