Royal Enfield concept motorcycle looks muscular, retro and futuristic


is one of the more memorable motorcycle makers. Shuttered in the 1970s, the original British bikemaker is long gone, but the 1931-born Bullet model is still going strong as it’s been built by Enfield’s India-based offshoot since 1955. It has received improvements during that time, but we’re still talking about the same bike that’s the best part of a century old by now. That doesn’t mean Royal Enfield doesn’t like to experiment: At the EICMA bike show this year, Royal Enfield showed its KX bobber bike, a mixture of the quaint, the and the super-. It’s almost steampunk-like in its execution, inspired by the 1938 Royal Enfield KX model.

Now, Royal Enfield was quick to point out that the bike, as it stands, is a concept and not slated for production. It’s still made out of feasible parts, and the badging appears to show that the engine in it is a new 838cc v-twin with oil cooling, rumored to be based on a collaboration with Polaris. Power figures have not yet been revealed.

The almost industrial-strength-looking girder front fork makes the bike appear like a body builder, yet it looks dignified enough with that vintage leather seat. There’s a certain sci-fi comic book look to the bike, and we’d welcome a production version any time. Here’s hoping there are further developments and a real production KX follows at some point.

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