Rolls-Royce marks its heritage with Silver Ghost Collection


When Rolls-Royce sets out to mark a milestone, it does so with the utmost finesse, especially when honoring the legendary “ .”

On Tuesday, the luxury marque announced a limited run for a “Silver Ghost ” that celebrates an historic long-distance endurance record set 111 years ago by the first vehicle to carry the name.

The 2018 Silver Ghost Collection cars feature numerous nods to the original car, which completed a 14,371-mile run in 1907 to showcase Rolls-Royce’s reliability and quietness. Its nickname, “Silver Ghost,” came from its aluminum silver paint hue and silver plating. 

Rolls-Royce will brand a mere 35 cars as part of the Silver Ghost Collection, which fittingly displays a sterling-silver “Spirit of Ecstasy” hood ornament surrounded by a black-gold-plated collar. The collar is made of hammered copper, another nod to the original Silver Ghost, which featured a copper-laden engine bay.

Directly recalling the original car, each of the 35 Silver Ghost collection cars will also bear the “AX 201” hallmark, the original car’s registration plate number. The United Kingdom Assay office will personally mark each car with the hallmark, which verifies standard of purity in precious metals and an item’s provenance—in this case, the car’s. If these 35 cars don’t end up on future Concours lawns, we can’t imagine what will.

Inside, a Forest Green interior with silver-tipped leather recalls the 1907 car’s cockpit. Additionally, the open-pore wood has been washed with silver, and the standard Rolls-Royce clock, made of silver, carries an engraved message: “Silver Ghost Since 1907.”

Not special enough so far? Rolls-Royce will also present each fo the 35 buyers with a watch, sunglasses, accessories case, and “Silver Ghost” pen on delivery.

In its announcement, the luxury brand did not specify the price of the special edition. But, as they say, “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.”

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