RevoZport reveals aero kit for Tesla Model 3


has been modifying Teslas for a while now, and it just took the wraps off its first for the Model 3. The Hong Kong-based performance and styling parts maker focuses primarily on parts for BMWs, Porsches, Mercedes and others, but it’s made kits for every since the Model S now too.

This particular kit for the Model 3 is called the R-Zentric R3. The focus is on and getting more rubber on the ground. RevoZport 21-inch forged wheels replace the stock rollers. These are wrapped in 255-width tires up front and 05-width at the rear.

While RevoZport doesn’t quote anything for increased downforce, it does say that the aero kit is designed to maintain “maximum traction.” In total, we’re looking at a raised rear spoiler, front splitter, rear diffuser, extended side skirts and fender extensions. All these components are made out of carbon fiber that can be had in either glossy or matte finishes.

You’ll have a lot more motivation to be careful going in and out of driveways too, because the whole kit will set you back $9,500. That’s a lot of expensive carbon fiber. It definitely gives the Model 3 a more aggressive stance and look, but also appears a tad overwrought in some places like the diffuser. If these bits do indeed increase downforce, it seems likely this kit would have a negative impact on range, but RevoZport hasn’t mentioned any figures from testing yet.

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