Recharge Wrap-up: why Tesla’s solar roof is cheaper, Maven expands westward


Elon Musk has described how Tesla’s solar tile roof will cost less than a traditional . After making the extraordinary claim at the reveal, Musk now says that it will be even before energy cost savings are figured in. He credits the inefficiency of the current roofing industry. Tesla’s glass tiles are up to 80 percent lighter than ceramic or concrete roofing (cheaper to transport), much more durable (less breakage during transport), and glass is made using, basically, sand (a cheap material). Plus, tiles on parts of the roof that don’t get much sun won’t have cells, but will look identical to the ones that do. Read more at Teslarati.

Iowa gas retailers and their customers raised $12,000 for breast cancer awareness in October buying E15 ethanol blend. For every gallon of E15 purchased, the nearly 30 participating retailers donated three cents to the National Breast Cancer Foundation as part of the “Pink at the Pump” campaign. E15 pumps sported pink nozzles for the campaign, which was sponsored by the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association and the Iowa Corn Promotion Board. “We hope to not only repeat the campaign next year, but also to expand the program and make it even better,” says Iowa Renewable Fuels Association Managing Director Lucy Norton. Read more at Ethanol Producer Magazine.

GM’s carsharing service, Maven, is expanding in the US. is now available in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Denver. While the service provides users with access to a variety of vehicles from Chevrolet, GMC, and Cadillac, it also allows GM to showcase its cars, from the eco-friendly Chevy Volt (one of the service’s most popular vehicles) to large, luxury offerings like the Cadillac Escalade (which was the first reservation in both LA and San Francisco). So far, Maven has 13,000 members, who have logged more than 28 million miles. Read more from GM.

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