Rear-End Collision Damage: Top 3 Things To Look For


Dealing with rear-end is never a fun experience. If your vehicle has been involved in a rear end accident, there are certain things you should check before getting back on the road again. This article provides you with the things you should look for.



Even if there appears to be no damage, critical components could be affected beneath the surface. In a rear-end collision, there is often damage behind the bumper cover, for example. Most modern vehicles use plastic bumper covers that don’t provide a lot of protection between the frame of your vehicle and another, even if it’s a small car that caused the impact. In short, you can’t always rely on the visual appearance to be sure there’s no damage. Always check.



If you notice changes in the way your car handles after a rear-end collision, your alignment is probably off. The most obvious symptom of an alignment issue is uneven driving or steering wobble where the wheel pulls to one side. There may also be vibration during driving where the wheels pull against each other as the car is moving. Improper alignment issues can cause serious safety hazards to your vehicle or others when driving. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to bring the car in at the first sign of an alignment issue.



Your vehicle’s trunk should open and close smoothly. If it does not after a rear-end collision, that means that there could be some damage to rear cabin components. While an issue like this doesn’t impact driving much, it can have major impacts on the resale value of your vehicle and can also create a safety hazard if the lid suddenly swings upward while driving, blocking rear visibility. If you notice trunk problems, a collision expert can perform the repair safely and quickly.



If your vehicle has been involved in a rear end accident, it’s a good idea to bring it into a professional who can diagnose the situation and get you going again.


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