“Present day 3 year old kids won’t need to get a driver license” Google talk with Lawrence Burns, Waymo advisor and former GM executive : SelfDrivingCars


I actually have nothing against autonomous transportation developing – I know it’s safer and vastly more efficient. I just don’t want to see personal vehicles criminalized on the public roads. And honestly, I already have a problem with cars that have CANBUS-controlled-everything and can (theoretically and in some cases, even practically) be hacked through bluetooth or wi-fi. If your throttle and steering wheel are controlled through a centralized control unit, rather than mechanicallyR0; A hacker (or a trusted party) could kill you in your car. Definitely don’t want to get on the government’s/some corporation’s bad side if that happens.

Some may call me a conspiracy nut, but honestly, I don’t see this world getting any less corporation-centralized in the next few decades.

The way things are going, corporations will be given more and more power, through governments more and more corrupt. Neither the left, nor the right has a magic “cure-all” pill for this. It’s human nature that has brought us here. And in such a situation, I prefer having the freedom of my own car, that doesn’t constantly track me and isn’t being controlled by anyone other than me.

Both of my own cars are from the last century – a 1999 Chrysler 300M (great cruiser) and a fun little 1992 Audi 80 with a 2.3l inline 5 engine. In both cases: mechanical steering, mechanical throttle, hydraulic brakes. The M has lots of electronics, true, but it’s from a different era, so the only connectivity to “the outside world” is through the diagnostics port, and even if you hacked the PCM, you’d have limited control over the car’s behaviour – you could shift gears, kill the engine, sure, but that’s about it,

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