Porsche Cayenne four-door coupe spied testing in Germany


It’s happening folks, Porsche is joining the SUV “” bandwagon. Spy shots reveal the company is working on a less-practical version of its midsize Porsche Cayenne SUV. This time it features bodywork close to production, rather than the previous generation Panamera sheetmetal. It follows the same formula set by the BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe by having four doors, a fastback roofline, and a liftback hatch.

Also like those trend-setting SUV coupes, the Cayenne coupe appears to be mostly the same as the normal one from the front doors forward. The front fascia is slightly different, looking a bit like the Cayenne Turbo’s, but with less pronounced outboard grilles. This isn’t entirely unexpected, since has an array of front fascias for different powertrains. This car also shares the large brakes and bright yellow calipers of the Turbo model.

The major differences between this and the conventional Cayenne SUV begin around the B-pillar. Although Porsche put on some false chrome trim and window vinyl, certain angles reveal that the top of the window line starts descending at the B-Pillar. It keeps dropping until it reaches a curved angle to meet the window sill. Basically, imagine the window treatment of the regular Panamera compared with the Sport Turismo version, and you’ll have a good idea as to how these two Cayennes differ.

The rear shows the more steeply raked rear hatch. The result is less dramatic than on competitors such as the X6 in part because the standard Cayenne’s hatch already leans far forward. The coupe does get a larger, more prominent rear wing than the conventional models. Large fake taillight vinyls have been added, but it’s almost guaranteed that the Cayenne coupe will use the full-width lights found on every other Porsche on sale now. Interestingly, the license plate alcove has been moved off the rear hatch and down to the rear bumper. The bumper also houses four round exhaust tips. On the conventional Cayenne Turbo, it has four exhaust tips, but the tips on each side are squared off.

A previous report pegs the Cayenne coupe’s introduction toward the end of 2019. That report also suggests that only the twin-turbo 2.9-liter V6 and twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engines will be offered. This model with its Cayenne Turbo brakes certainly seems to indicate at least the V8 will be available.

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