Plasma Cutter Troubleshooting- How to fix Plasma Cutter


With consumables being the most common way to a which is acting up we recommend keeping a plasma cutter consumable kit handy these will include all the necessary consumables for quick repair. If you want the consumables to last as long as possible we recommend supplying the plasma cutter with the driest, oil-free air possible. Each Eastwood plasma cutter has a built-in last chance moisture separator. You can also add inline filters prior to the plasma cutter if you live in an extremely humid environment or you plan to cut for long periods of time at a shot. If you’re relying on the internal moisture separator or your cutting for extended periods of time we recommend purging the trap every twenty to thirty minutes. On the Eastwood versa cut plasma cutters this is easily achieved by tilting the plasma cutter to access the valve with the air line still attached.

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