OBD2 Scan Tool Review: Innova 3120F


Finding a to read and erase DTC codes isn’t hard at all. Every suppliers are making their own model these days and cheap Bluetooth dongles are all over the internet. But finding a good and reliable tool you actually really want to use every day in the shop is another battle.

We are actually trying to replace the old Genesys model we’ve been using for the last couple of years and we ended up testing numerous models from various suppliers and manufacturers to find one we like. So, if we have to test them all, why not create articles and share some of the things we learned with you?

One of the scan tools we have received is the latest Innova 3120F OBD2 scan tool model.

At first glance, the 2.8” color LCD screen is really bright and makes it a lot easier to understand all the information on the screen than what we were used to with our previous scanners. Definitely a neat improvement from the dull black, red and white screen of our Blue-point model.

As for the software, it does everything you would expect from a professional scan tool and even more. Not only does it have the ability to read and clear the usual OBD1 and OBD2 codes on both foreign and domestic vehicles, but it has a lot of features that other entry-level scan tools don’t. It can read ABS and battery codes and even reset oil maintenance lights (so you don’t have to go back to our YouTube channel every time you need to find an oil reset procedure anymore).

What makes this scan tool perfect for weekend DIYers is the FixAssist® feature to help you troubleshoot check engine lights easily. It gives you a quick description of the DTC, how severe is the condition and even points out possible causes and what should be tested first. It’s definitely a good thing for newbies and beginner mechanics who don’t know where to start after they finally got their DTC read, aside from searching Google for answers.

From a mechanic point-of-view, I have to say that I really appreciate the fact that thought of installing a small light conveniently placed at the end of the connector to help you find the damned, always so well-hidden, OBD diagnostic port. The possibility of updating the unit using a USB cable is also more than welcomed. I still remember the last time we wanted to update our old scan tool and we had to insert software cards one after the other just like if it was an old PC using floppy disks.

Not this time.

Simply plug the to your PC using the supplied USB cable, download the software and, Voila! Your scan tool is up-to-date!

The Innova 3120F is definitely a great scan tool. It has a 1-year warranty and it gets all the features you need to perform basic maintenance and troubleshooting with ease, even with little to no auto mechanics knowledge at all! It’s also pretty inexpensive so we will absolutely be adding this neat little thing to our shop’s scan tool lineup!

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