Nissan Rear Door Alert reminds parents not to leave kids in hot cars


So far this year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 29 children have died of heatstroke after being left in a car. That number will only climb — on average, 1 child dies every 10 days due to in-car heatstroke. And it doesn’t always have to be stifling outside for tragedy to strike. NHTSA says the interior of a car can soar to 110 degrees even with an exterior temperature of only 60 degrees.

To combat this very real problem, Nissan introduced technology in its 2018 Pathfinder that owners to check the rear seat upon exiting their vehicle. Instead of a simple warning text on the dash, ’s system includes “a series of distinctive honks as the driver walks away from the vehicle.” RDA monitors use of a car’s rear door, and if it’s opened at the beginning of a trip but remains closed at the end, the warning system activates.

RDA was developed by two engineers at Nissan who are also mothers. For 2019, Nissan has spread RDA across much of its lineup, including the Altima and Rogue. And by 2022, RDA will be standard across all four-door Nissan vehicles, including pickup trucks.

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