Nikola will unveil electric versions of two semi trucks in April


Nikola seems to have cracked the nut on how to build fully -. It revealed its Two and Tre will be available in electric configurations as well as hydrogen. does plan to keep working on hydrogen trucks, so it’s not fully switching to electric any time soon. It says hydrogen’s cheaper for long-haul drives, and the startup expects to see 50 times as many orders for hybrids as its electric semi-trucks. However, it claims EVs are particularly useful for “inner cities and non-weight sensitive applications.”

Nikola will officially reveal the trucks at Nikola World, which takes place 16th-17th in Phoenix. It previously said it will demonstrate the hydrogen version of the Two in action, while the Tre will be at the show as a prototype. European testing of the latter is expected to start next year.

This story originally appeared on Engadget.

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