Next-generation Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 spied


Since we recently got a good look at the next-generation CLA-Class, it’s perhaps not that surprising that we would now see the high-performance Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 compact luxury sports sedan. Still, we’re pleased to see that the hot sedan appears to be coming back, since it was by far the most enjoyable version of the outgoing model. The photos above show that it’s a fairly traditional Mercedes-AMG upgrade with subtle, yet aggressive body modifications, and hopefully a monstrous engine under the hood.

Starting from the front, we can see that this new AMG will breathe better than the normal . The grilles under each headlight have been enlarged, and an additional slot has been added between the main center grille and the one below it. The main grille also trades in the single, wide bar of the standard car in favor of an egg crate version. Odds are it’s the “AMG Heritage” grille, and the vertical bars will feature chrome.

The CLA ’s sides are relatively untouched. The sideskirts are a bit lower and have a more aggressive lip to them. It is clear that the CLA sits much lower than the regular CLA, too.

At the back, the CLA 45 appears to have a taller lip spoiler coming off the trunk lid. It’s complemented by a much more aggressive rear bumper. Extractor vents (real or otherwise) are found aft of the rear wheels on the bumper. There’s a very obvious diffuser design (real or otherwise, again), and it surrounds the quad-exhaust tips of the little sedan.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this car is what we can’t see: the powertrain. We’re expecting impressive things from the car since the outgoing model made a whopping 375 horsepower, one of only two factory four-cylinder engines to hit that mark. The other is the 2.5-liter four-cylinder in 718 Boxster GTS and 718 Cayman GTS models. We’re expecting this engine to carryover from the current model, but with additional improvements to increase output. We wouldn’t be surprised if Mercedes-AMG gets it to 400 horsepower, or at least seriously close. It should also make for an even starker contrast to the upcoming standard CLA-Class, which we expect will share engines with the new A-Class sedan.

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